~Movement and Visual Artist~


Ruth Olga Sherman and William Britt Hillard, two American dancers from prestigious, professional backgrounds have come together as dancers and as human beings in search of artistic fulfillment. 

TranscenDance has worked with many freelance artists.  A few highlighted artists are; Annett Göhre, southern Germany based choreographer set a highly technical and athletic piece about the fight of two warriors.  Isabel Cuesta, Columbian and Dutch based choreographer set a deeply textural piece about playing games. 

TranscenDance has produced many Videography projects as well.  We enjoy traveling and creating projects along the way.  Nature seems to inspire us as we have worked a lot with unique landscapes presented as presents along the way.  


A collection of projects by different choreographers, as well as site specific exploration.  

Nature vs. Nurture
Off of You

500 Miles

Sands of Time


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