~Movement and Visual Artist~

Video Gallery

Performance Videos

A collection of performance clips in various styles of dance

Videography Projects 

A collection of self directed and produced videos taken all over the world

Music Videos 

A collection of self produced videos put together with footage from the life of a dancer "back stage" 

Herzlichen Gluckwunsen

Little Tree Tanz

Lipstick Love

Hair Schneiden


Frohe Weinenacht

Chanukah Hava Nagila

A collection of projects by different choreographers, as well as site specific exploration.  

Nature vs. Nurture
Off of You

500 Miles

Sands of Time


Lululemon International

A collection of thrilling moments in the life of an active dancer and yogi wandering through Europe, inspired by Lululemon, whistling the tune of....

"All you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be"

Welcome to Berlin Mitte 

Lululemon International 

Lulu in Motion 

Skip to My Lulu

This Little Light of Mine

123 Yogi - Iyengar Studio in Amsterdam

Nature vs Nurture - Dance in Amsterdam in Lululemon clothing
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